World-Information City
World-Information Org Bangalore, November 2005


World-Information Org
World-Information.Org is a transnational cultural intelligence provider, a collaborative effort of artists, scientists, cultural workers and technicians to broaden the basis of understanding on the issues of culture and technology. The work is presented in exhibitions, workshops,
conferences, publications online and in media-partnerships.
World-Information.Org's services are designed to foster and protect the public sphere and discourse as well as the variety and richness of cultural expressions. World-Information.Org focuses on the issues of future heritage, digital ecology, and digital human rights. A special centre of attention has been on issues of Intellectual Property Regimes and copyright.
As an international network (initiated by the Viennese Institute for New Culture Technologies / Public Netbase), World-Information.Org cooperates with a variety of renowned partners in the fields of cultural work, art, media theory, -economy and -policy. World-Information.Org has been launched in Brussels 2000 and has since then been presented in Amsterdam, Vienna, Belgrade and various European cities.
Since the launch of the project under the patronage of UNESCO as a main theme of the European Cultural Capital 2000 in Brussels, World-Information.Org staged its extensive exhibition and conference program in Vienna, Amsterdam, Belgrade, and Novi Sad and presented at various European cities like London, Berlin, Munich and Helsinki.

World-Information City
Following these presentations in major European cities since 2000, the year 2005 will see the first staging of World-Information.Org's program outside of Europe.
Responding to a vibrant media culture that has emerged in India over the past years, World-Information.Org will present its exhibition, conference and workshop program at Bangalore, India's fourth-biggest city, the national center of the IT industry.
’World-Information City’ will be organized as part of the EU-India-ECCP-Program 'Towards a Culture of Open Networks’. Partner organizations include Sarai CSDS (Delhi), Mahiti (Bangalore), Waag Society (Amsterdam) and the Alternative Law Forum (Bangalore).