The common initiative France - Lettonie released on spring 2003 by the RIXC and Ellipse aim is to " open " to the public the european " sources " by a serie of artistic works involving new medias, cartography and radio practices ; to valorizate the conversion of the soviet inheritage on the letton coast ; to support scientific and socio-cultural workers in Lettonie in their work with the communities of the concerned territories ; and to support the european integration processus.

The project operates in three interconnected fields of research and action :

1 - art, science and radio communication : "Acoustic Space Research Lab" programme, radio communication and radioastronomy projects.

2 – mobile, wireless and locative technologies, as well as the social networks they reveal.

3 - new médias, social and éducational fields : "innovation and intégration" programme in a multicultural society, dedicated to the youth.

This programme was supported by Fondation de France from 2004 to 2006 (http://www.fdf.org).