May 31 – June 10 2007, Riga, Latvia.

Spectral Investigations Collective [SIC] (FR) and RIXC (LV) artists exhibition in RIXC Media Space and maps at public transportation stops in Riga.

...Electro-magnetic fields are biologically active, it means that living beings react to them... Electromagnetic fields created by human gadgets effect our body, influence nature and extend beyond boundaries of our planet… Our planet has become a source for a dense radio wave radiation in the Universe.. Every signal once transmitted on Earth continues to radiate in space…Radio, TV and satellite signals, e-mails and phone calls as well as nuclear test shock waves and military radars, experiments with low-frequency waves, even the radiation of microwave ovens… Invisible and omnipresent, electromagnetic fields have become ghosts of the modern world...

The exhibition in Riga is a research and a visualization of the obtained information and artistic interpretation of electromagnetic radiation effects on human organism and nature. Ecological research on the effects of electromagnetic field on human health and nature have been conducted also in Latvia in addition to a great deal of scientific literature available from all over the world giving an insight of the studies performed in this field. Some of them will be displayed at the exhibition “Spectral Ecology” which will also include an open reading-room.

Today artists take great interest in the ecological issues of spectrum and they are willing to promote the research accomplished so far. One of the participating artist groups in the exhibition are French artists Bureau d'études from Paris - politically active artists providing precise and current information about the events in global society and revealing the invisible side of it by research mapping. One of the recent Bureau d'études researches is “Electromagnetic propaganda” - a publication, brochure and a map of electromagnetic spectrum, which was exhibited in “Waves” exhibition in LNMA EH Arsenals in Riga, 2006.
“Electromagnetic propaganda” and research performed in the territory of Latvia on the Skrunda radiolocation station and on the current EMR network (mobile telecommunication overlays, high voltage lines, wi-fi, TV and radio transmission zones, etc.) provides the basis for collective research that manifests in “Spectral Ecology” exhibition.

On May 31 already starting from 12.00 the visitors are welcome to visit the exhibition as well as to take part in creative workshops, make your own EMS detector and try it out in the 'cleanest' and most polluted spots of electromagnetic radiation in the city. In addition at 17.00 the authors of exhibition will guide a tour around the exhibition (for press and public). And later on “Art+Communication” official opening and performances at 18.00.

The exhibition is a collective research and display from Spectral Investigations Collective [SIC] (FR) and RIXC (LV) artists groups.

SPECTRAL INVESTIGATIONS COLLECTIVE [SIC] (FR) artists: Léonore Bonaccini and Xavier Fourt / Bureau d'études, Ewen Chardronnet / Ellipse, Horia Cosmin Samoïla / Ghostlab, Benjamin Cadon / Labomedia, Alejandra Perez Nunez / El pueblo de China.

Bureau d'études (Léonore Bonaccini un Xavier Fourt) is a group of artists from Paris. By collaborating with researchers, critics and artists they create an autonomus university. "Bureau d'études" are the initiators of campaign 'zone de gratuité' which took place in Paris from March 1999 to September 2000, and later on in Strasbour. "Bureau d'études" have published articles in magazines, as well as their own publications (“Refuse the biopolice”, "Autonomie artistique" – in colaboration with Brian Holmes, "L'Etat machine", "Ondes", “Electromagnetic propoganda – The statement of industrial dogma”, etc.). Bureau d'études are partners of many events organized by RIXC in Riga; on August 2006 they participated in the international exhibition “Waves” in Riga with “Electromagnetic propaganda – the statement of industrial dogma”.

Ewen Chardonnet is a media artist and journalist who works and lives in Tours, France. In the past 5 years he has been collaborating in different initiatives such as Makrolab, MIR, Acoustic Space Lab, Spectral Investigations Collective and World-Information.Org. He has published many texts and articles in the press and various catalogs. He has been directing "Quitter la Gravité", an anthology on the Association of Autonomous Astronauts (L'Eclat, 2001) and has received in 2003 the Leonardo New Horizons Award together with RIXC, r a d i o q u a l i a and the Acoustic Space Lab network.

Horia Cosmin Samoïla is artist, founder of the Ghostlab and member of SIC. He utilizes the electromagnetic medium like raw material with the realization of immaterial sculptures, experimental installations and extra-cognitive operations.

Benjamin Cadon is artist and project manager for Labomedia in Orleans, France. He will organize a DIY workshop, "how to make your own electrosmog detector" and will participate in the SIC sound performance for the opening of the exhibition.

Alejandra Pérez Nunez a.k.a. elpueblodechina is a sound artist and performer working with FLOSS tools, electronics and critical writing. She has a degree in psychology and aesthetics from Universidad Catolica de
Chile and a M.A. in media design from Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam. Her practice as a sound artist is currently focused in radio performance and DIY electronics. She works with a few groups on cartography and social networks. In Barcelona with the group around mapOmatix, a story-telling tool developed by Yves Degoyon. With Redactiva (http://redactiva.org) and local graffiti groups they have worked on territorial interventions. In Chile, she has worked in Medios Libres (FLOSS media), together with el cyber taller of Centro
Cultural ex -Cárcel and Yves Degoyon . She have made live performances in festivals and places as Piksel (Bergen with d. R. e. G. S.), Jonctions (Brussels), v2_center for the unstable media (Rotterdam), WORM
(Rotterdam), Hangar (Barcelona with d. R. e. G. S.) and Ecos festival (Nantes). She was recently a resident of the Theremin Center in Moscow and will present this work as part of the SIC sound performance for the opening of the exhibition.

June 1- 2, Liepaja Karosta.

"Origins of professional intelligence and information management reach back to ancient times and stem from the desire to control the mind and the imagination. Today security intelligence has become a central economic, societal and political issue that reaches deep into the sphere of art and contemporary culture." (Konrad Becker)

The international scientific conference “Espionage Technologies and Art” will take place on June 1 and 2, 2007 in the historical and military setting of Liepaja Karosta (warport), brining togather artists, scientists and researchers from Latvia, France, The Netherlands, Austria, USA and other countries. The conference is taking place within the framework of the 9th international festival for new media culture “Art+Communication”. This year festival is focused on "spectral ecology" issues in order to draw attention to the invisible properties of electronic technologies – the density of electro-magnetic spectrum (EMS) in the environment and its effects on human and living nature today and for years to come.

On the one hand, conference discusses issues in relation to “spectral ecology” from different aspects, introducing with spectral investigation on a theoretical and artistic interpretation level, as well as with scientific research on electromagnetic pollution effects.

On the other, the conference reaches into the specific military-historical context of Karosta, leaning towards the espionage phenomenon, whose origins can be traced back to its military history in ancient culture. The conference will introduce the military past of communication technologies, their contemporary conversion and culturalisation process.

In particular, the conference aims to consider collaborations between artists and scientists, their creative experiments in electromagnetic spectrum and beyond – in ionosphere and vacuum. It also intends to look at the ubiquity of electromagnetic fields, that have become the ghosts of today – invisible and surrounding us they are there to open up our imagination boundaries and to create contemporary myths of technology...

Main themes for conference include:
- Intelligence and Defense : Culture and Ideology of Spying and Security
- Military Technology Conversion : from Warfare to Art and Militarization of Entertainment Industry
- Electromagnetic Cosmology, Spectral Ecology and EMF Research
- Technology Myth, Artistic Interpretations and Contemporary Ghost Stories

June 3 - 9, workshops in Aizpute and research trip to former USSR army missile bases in Kurzeme region.

Workshop participants – artists, activists, sociologists, philosophers and researchers from Russia, Latvia, France, Austria and other countries will investigate the connection between history and mythology of military connections that links Latvia and other countries.

...Myth – lies, fantasy or subjective reality? Taking into consideration that myth has been arised from human imaginations or singularity of perception about things. Interpretations about things and occurencies could vary into countless and inconceivable directions...

The workshops in Aizpute take place in the framework of the 2nd Creative Summer Camp that this year focuses on “Technology myths” - interpretations and myths about the development, use and facilities of technologies and its' place in the life of modern human and society.


- Technologies and human desire to trick them/to pass over sage. About superstition of modern humans, where nowadays technologies rub along with mythological perception. Technological and mythological connections in the ideas, researches and art works.

- Militar and electromagnetic myths. Myths about spying technologies. In the framework of the workshop the working group conducted by Spectral Investigations Collective (France) together with artists, researchers, sociologists, philosophers and scientists will investigate the connection between history and mythology of military sciences, in relation to territory of Latvia.

- Myths of public space, maintained by technologies. How society perceive technologies? Whether and what kind of myths are arising concerning comprehensions of technologies? Myth about the invaluable role of information nowedays and parasiting, based on glorification of information technologies. Absurd myths in public space – tv churchies, virtual churchies etc.

- Contemporary art, media art, based on myths and interpretations.

"Digitalization of water " Kuda begut sobaki.
June 3, 11.00 “Military myth” research trip to former USSR army missile bases in Kurzeme.
19.00 Workshop opening picnic in Aizpute.
June 4, 11.00-17.00 Public presentations by workshop participants.
June 5, 11.00-17.00 Workshop "Global electromagnetic radiance": how to capture and map natural and artificial electromagnetic waves. Conducted by Spectral Investigations Collective (FR). The workshops takes place in the framework of French Spring festival.
June 6 - 9 “Technology myth” workshops and presentations: Andrei Smirnov (RU) "Musical applications of eavesdropping techniques; Kuda Begut Sobaki (RU) ”Applied decorative mathematics”, ”Water digitalization”, etc.; Sergej Teterin (RU) - Perma oracle “Twins” (reconstruction of a myth), public action “number PI", etc. Rainer Prohaska (AT) "E.S.I." power saving and interference, "N.E.S." searching for alternative solutions for power. And others.

Location: Artist' s Residency Center, Atmodas street 9, Aizpute.
Organised by The Interdisciplinary Art Group SERDE
More information: http://www.arthome.lv/summercamp/